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Plumbing Fixture Repairs and Replacement

Faucets replacement is a common call I receive, the result of a malfunctioning faucet is usually hard water. No faucet replacement job is too big or small, I can typically be in and out of your home in an hour or two depending on how many appliances need to be addressed. I have provided commercial and residential plumbing services for the Mooresville area for over a decade, from the older faucets to the newer touchless models, I have installed them all.

Water Filtration System Installs

Water filters come in variety of styles and offer numerous methods to filter your town of Mooresville water or your well water. Many families like the pitcher style filters; pitchers filter small amounts of water typically with a charcoal based filter. Others enjoy their faucet filter; where the water from the tap is filtered as it exits the faucet. I prefer the whole home filtration systems; all the water is filtered before it enters your home. Regardless of how you filter your water, it is common knowledge that better water promotes a healthier lifestyle. PH is the standard of measure for water.

Water and Sewer Main Line Repairs & Replacement

The freezing and subsequent bursting of water pipes are not completely uncommon here in Mooresville, our warmer climate is very inviting, but it does get cold here in the winter. Most home owners understand the need to protect their investment, but often times the cold weather “sneaks up” on us before we winterize our water lines, then the issues arise. Tree roots grow to invade underground water lines or force them out of position causing cracking. Water line damage from trees is also not uncommon, as homeowners plant fast growing trees with no idea as to where their water lines are located and issues arise in a few years.

Backflow Services

We are your ONE STOP SHOP for all your Backflow needs! Click these links to learn more:
1) Backflow Installation
2) Backflow Testing/Certifications
3) Backflow Repairs
On each Backflow certification All Star will provide a complete interior cleaning of the assembly included in the certification charge.

Water Heater Repairs & Replacement

Water heater repair and installation is good business for your Friendly Mooresville Plumber. Even though today’s water heaters are much more efficient than any in history, they still need repair/replacement. No water heater will last forever! Traditional tank style water heaters utilize elements/coils to heat your water, element failure and replacement is about the only maintenance (and occasionally the thermostat) for the standard tank style water heater. It is a very simplistic operation. Tankless water heaters are in big demand with new homes; I have replaced numerous tank style water heaters with the new tankless models. Click here to learn more...

- Faucet Repairs and Replacement
- Toilet Repairs and Replacement
- Residential & Commercial New Construction

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