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What is a Backflow Preventer?

A backflow preventer is used to protect potable water supplies from any contamination or pollution due to unwanted backflow. Backflow happens when water flows in the reverse direction which can lead to serious health risks. The health risks can range from no physical impact to severe illness or even death. Some effects can be immediate […]

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Differences In Drain Cleaners

OTC drain cleaners come in various forms: powder, gel, and/or liquid, the common denominator is the chemicals. Drain cleaners use a chemical reaction to break down the source by either adding or removing electrons to the clog, this reaction typically generates heat, which can damage pipes. OTC drain cleaners basically come in 3 types. CAUSTIC – Lye […]

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What To Do For A Clogged Drain

It never fails, you have a big romantic dinner planned or your in-laws are coming over for lunch or you just have a lot of things to do and the kitchen sink becomes clogged! How frustrating a drain clog can be is greatly measured by how busy and stressful your day is. Regardless of the situation […]

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